Block Mount Pricing

Your selected image is printed to quality photo paper which is them mounted onto 12mm
MDF board and finished with matt laminate. Edges are stained black to provide a contemporary finish.

Inches CM's Approx. 12mm
8x12 20x30 £25
12x10 30x25 £27
12x12 30x30 £29
12x16 30x40 £36
16x16 40x40 £46
16x20 40x50 £54
16x24 40x60 £62
20x20 50x50 £64
20x24 50x60 £74
24x24 60x60 £84
30x20 75x50 £87
36x24 90x60 £112
40x24 100x60 £121

Other sizes available, call or e-mail for a quote